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Tony Adebajo head shot

Tony Debajo was born in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, and lives in England, United Kingdom. Tony is a Chartered Civil Engineering and currently works in this field.

Tony spent part of his childhood in Nigeria, where he became fascinated with the culture of his heritage and serves as the inspiration behind his novels.

His passion for writing comes from his love of tales of ancient civilisations, enthralled by their way of life, beliefs and cultures, but most of all, the mythology associated with these people.

He soon realised that his country of origin is equally rich with traditions, tales of ancient gods and acts of heroism and decided to tap into that world. Although he found a wealth of material covering Western African civilisations, he could not find books and stories compelling enough to shed light on these fascinating people and speak to readers unfamiliar with African history and folklore. So, he decided to write one.

Garnering tales and folklore remembered as a child, some of which would have passed down through generations and typically told around fires, he began writing his debut novel, In the Shadow of Ruin, which grew as he wrote and has now evolved into the Fractured Kingdom series. Tony hopes to bring to life his characters and set them free into the world.

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